Side Borders! #1

Side Borders! These backgrounds are great for using when you want to line your links up cleanly on the left. Or as a classy alternative to plain white pages when you still want your page clean and simple! Try them and see for yourself! All of our side borders are 1280 pixels in length so they will be seen only on the left border of the screen no matter the resolution!

To Preview a texture as a webpage background, just left click on the texture! You'll see a sample page using that texture as a background, along with sample text and graphics. You'll see how readable a web page can be with our textures!

To Download, just right click on the texture! (Macs need to click and hold the mouse button) From the pop-up menu select "Save This Image As". Then, the texture is yours to freely use! (non-commercially, of course) How easy!

Small Side - Black
Small Side - Blue
Small Side - Brown
Small Side - Green
Small Side - Red
Wide Side - Black
Wide Side - Blue
Wide Side - Brown
Wide Side - Green
Wide Side - Light Blue
Wide Side - Orange
Wide Side - Purple
Wide Side - Red
Wide Side - Lavender
Wide Side - Yellow

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Small #1 Medium #1 Large #1 Side Border #1
Small #2 Medium #2 Large #2 Psychedelic #1
  Medium #3 Large #3 Psychedelic #2

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