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GREETINGS OF THE WEEK:  Holiday Greetings & I'm A Senior Citizen!

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Animation Theater!
Caffeine Dance
I'm A Pug! Whoop!
Tap Dancing Kitties
Jack Jack Attack
I Believe In Miracles

Jungle Jail
Pan Dance

The Slug Dance
The Death Of Ice Cream

In Sit U
Cookie Blues
The Chubb Chubbs
Dog Vs. Cat
Humorama! Deluxes - Jokes with full-blown graphics, animations and music! The Best!
A Strange Old Lady Moved Innewbox.gif (881 bytes)
The Worst Country Songsnewbox.gif (881 bytes)
The Art Of Falling Apart
I'm Only "Mature"!
If Kids Ruled The World!
I'm A Senior Citizen!
The Redneck Life 1
The Redneck Life 2
The Redneck Life 3

Before Computers!
Prison Vs. Work!
I Wish I Was A Bear!

A Redneck Love Poem
Blonde Q&A!

My Kitchen's Delirious!

The Shape I'm In!

Rednecks Won't Say That!

Church Football!

Classified Blunders!

Terrorize A Telemarketer!

What PMS Means!

Redneck! Redneck!

Are You A Southern Girl?

Grandma's Shoes!

Computer Widow's Lament!

Angelic Antics!

Are You From A Small Town?

When I'm An Old Lady!

She's So Blonde!
Old Age Bites!

Dear Bubba!

I Don't Wanna!
Old Folks' Party Games

Man's Best Friend
How Do You Eat Your Oreo?
I Love My Job!
disOrder In The Court
Blonde & The Coke Machine

Tired And Overworked
Getting Older!
Why God Created Eve...
An E-Mail From God
Forrest Gump Goes To Heaven
The Horror of Swimsuits
No Name Toilet Paper
Southern Speak
Moron School of Medicine

Leave Your Name At The Beep
God's Kids
The Church Bulletin Said What?

Why Parents Go Grey
The Senility Prayer

Unbelievable True Stories
The Blonde In The Blizzard

Butt Prints In The Sand
My Internet Wife
Diet Rules To Live By
A Computer Illiterate?
The Joy of...Exercise!
From the Mouths of Babes
Gotcha #1 - Free Maui Trip

Gotcha #2 - Free PC
Gotcha! #3 - Free VW Beetle

Kids On Elections
Mom's Brownie Recipe
Love & Marriage
Signs of Intelligence?
Women's Compact Instruction Book

Pillsbury Dough Boy Is Dead
Your Place Or Mine?
Letters To The Pastor
Men VS. Women
Before Computers

Women's Toughest 5 Questions


More Animation Theater!
 Play With Me
Polar Bears Don't Like Cacti
Operation Tooth Fairy
The Plumber
Catching Flies

Kong & Bird
Sheep Of The Sea
Cold Feet!
Run Dragon Run!
One Man Band!
The Big Bird!
The Fridge!

Vampire Fight!
The Last Knit!
I Will Survive!
The Aeronaut

Strawberry Pie

Gopher Broke

Maxine's Cranky Carols
Winter Night Lights

A Rude Merry Christmas
Bunnies Don't Like Christmas

Crazy Frog Christmas

Seasonal Humorama Deluxes
A Redneck Valentine
My Funny Valentine!
Leprechaun Madness!
The Chanukah Song!
Fruit Cake Recipe
Christmas Can Be So Funny!
Overdoing The Holidays

Silly Thanksgiving Songs

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