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Men Vs. Women Jokes!

Why Women Love Men!

Gender Discovery!

A Woman's Job!

To Be Six Again!

Women's Secret Language!

Free To A Good Home! Fun Pic!

Controlling Your Woman!

Cards For Your Husband! Cartoon!

We Share Everything!

The Truth About BBQ!

What PMS Means!

Mirror! Mirror!

60 Years Of Marital Bliss?

Better Not Stay Out Late!

I Wish I Were A Bear!

Three Little Prayers

Is This Equality? Cartoon!

Reasons For Breaking Up!

Male Brain Or Female Brain?

Three Wishes

Not Much Worth Mentioning!

The Henpecked Husband!

Computers Have To Be Male

Beware Of PMS! A Cartoon!

Only 6 Months To Live

Snoring Was Not The Problem

Dancing In The Confessional!

How To Drive Women Crazy!

Free Meat!

The Dead Husband!

How To Drive Men Crazy!

Your Finest Fur Coat!

What Is A Bachelor?

Survivor 3: The Suburbs!

The Cheesy Chihuahua!

Marriage: Before & After!

Upgrading To Husband 1.0!

An Impossible Wish!

Pick Your Own Hymns!

A Very Loyal Wife...

A Man's Perfect Wedding!

A Son's Prayer!

An Evil Ex-Husband! Cartoon

10 Commandments Of Love!

Billy Bob's Vacation!

The Fortune Teller Knows!

Gotta Slow Down!

Are Dogs & Women Same?

A Fabulous Holiday!

Bless Me, Father!

The Do's & Don't's Of Women

Why Aren't You Married?

The Generous Husband

The Real Marriage Vows! 'Toon

No Man Will Succeed!

Where's Our Relations?

Babes Vs. Babies!

Tall, Dark & Handsome!

The Minister's New Dentures!

Hormone Warning!

The Most Beautiful Girl

Female Products

Partying With The Boys!

Dearly Departed

Boys & Girls Are Not The Same!

A Husband's Final Request

The Nagging Wife!

Men, Consider This!

Women On Women!

Not Wearing Underwear?

A Little Extra Effort!

Why Not Co-Ed?

Eve Needs A Man!

To Love, Honor & Obey

Where's Goldilocks?

Women Or Men?

What Husbands Say

A Different Father?

A Clever Excuse

Stumpy Saves A Dollar

Dogs & Mother-In-Laws!

"For Women Only"

The Pain Of A Father

Total Mayhem!

The Least He Could Do!

Fairies & Younger Women!

Awful Four-Letter Words!

Going Down Under!

Kiss My Buttocks!

No Need To Confess!

What Women Really Want

The Secret of a Long Marriage

Who's Sleeping With Mommy?

More Than She Could Handle!

Why God Created Eve... Deluxe!

My Internet Wife Deluxe!

Love & Marriage Deluxe!

The Horror of Swimsuits Deluxe!

Women's Compact
Instruction Book

Your Place Or Mine? Deluxe!

Mommy That Hurts! Cartoon!

Men: What We're
Looking For

Mammogram, Anyone? Cartoon!

Late. Drunk. Lipstick. Cartoon!

His & Hers Cartoon!

Why Men Drink... Cartoon!

Waiting For
The Perfect Man

Two Nuns & The Stalker

Marriage or Prison?

To Feel Like A Woman!

Let's Pretend We're Married

Love Thy Husband

A Man's I.Q.

Did Eve Come First?

Who Bagged His Wife?

Nine Months Later...

Completely Smitten

A Barbie For Christmas

A "Lucky" Kiss

A Divorce For The Holidays

Don't Lie To Your Mom!

Just A Little Nookie

Adam's Ribs

Did I Upset You?

The Computer Widow's Lament

The Wonders Of Wives!

Men, Consider This!

How To Satisfy A Woman

Women Or Men?

What Husbands Say

Who Understands Men?

You Don't Need A Man!

If Men Really Ruled!

Computers: Male Or Female?

Genesis: The Modern Version

Men Vs. Women III

What Men Really Mean

I'm Out Of Estrogen!


If Women Ruled The World

If You Love Something...

Train Your Man Now!

Because I'm A Man

Mid-Life Barbie

Men & Women Revisited

PMS Warning!

What I Want In A Man

  Things Only Women Understand

Laws For Women To Live By

Men Vs. Women: ATM's

Twins Are More Fun

Worse Than Evil Incarnate?

The Girl Knows All The Questions!

Pretty Fishy Pajamas!

See-Through Lingerie

Who Wears The Panties
of the House?

Honey... Pumpkin... Sweetie...

Sexy & She Cooks!

Difference Between Boys & Girls

Hookers Or Housewives?

The Naked Man & His Bucket

A Bit of Fooling Around?

Crab Trap

You're A Man...I'm A Woman...

What $100 Will Buy

A Visit To The Vet

A Not-So-Deserted Island

Our Mistress

The Princess & The Frog

The Cow Moves Left,
The Cow Moves Right...

Hair of the Dog

Well, Isn't That Nice!

A Bit Frigid?

If Men Would Only Listen

Nibble My Ear!

Such A Lovely Name...

The Fishing Trip

A Five Dollar Good Time

Everything In Heaven Is Free!

Put That Bikini Back On!

Temptation Island

I'll Do Anything!

The Hot Mama Machine

The Perfect Super Bowl Seat

In Bed With Uncle Fred!

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